What is your DOT?

What is DOT?

Did you know that anything you want can be designed? A career, a better relationship with your child, boss, partner, and self, relocation to a new city, state, or country. And my favorite… design a long life.

The DOT is a powerful tool for making dreams come true. Especially the ones you see as unattainable due to time constraints, lack of skill or talent, support, your lot in life, etc. Think like a designer about your future with the life you have now, do your daily dot for 10 minutes a day, and watch things change lightly, effortlessly, and growing inspiration and hope by the day.

I’m a life design mentor, and intuitive with 25 years of experience as a design leader of products in Silicon Valley and a lifetime of creative practice as an artist, and writer. To have a conversation and explore your needs, let’s get you on my calendar here.

It’s easy to accept too little in life and do what looks like works for others, not taking into consideration that your way keeps your quality of life high. I help people transition to the top of their standards in careers and life. I especially enjoy shepherding innate creativity brewing just below the surface into stable and consistent energy that feeds dreams in the years to come.



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